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2015-2016 Kindergarten and 
Pre-Kindergarten Registration
If you or someone you know has a child who will be starting Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten next year, please contact the SeDoMoCha Elementary Office at 564-6535 opt. 3. They will be taking basic contact information in order to let you know about the upcoming screening.
    • In order to enter Kindergarten for 2015-16, a child must be five on or before October 15, 2015.
    • To qualify for Pre-Kindergarten for 2015-16, a child must be four on or before October 15, 2015.

Bus Transportation Notice
Please be advised that all buses are full to capacity and cannot transfer extra students. If you need your child to ride a bus or have a child coming to your home, please contact Mrs. Chase of Rowell's Garage at 564-3434. Thank you for your cooperation.

Friendly Reminders Regarding Drop-Off and Pick-Up:
  • 5 mph signs have been placed around the building. We ask that all vehicles entering our campus abide by this speed limit.
  • If you need to park your vehicle, please park in the designated parking spaces only.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone when travelling around the building.
  • When picking up students off of the playground, please be sure to use the crosswalk.
Thank you for your attention to these few reminders. We always want to do our best to ensure the safety of all students and adults that travel to and from our building every day.
Please Note...
Due to the three weather-related school cancellations this school year, the last day of school is now June 17, 2015. This is subject to change in the event we have another school cancellation.

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