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SeDoMoCha Fundraiser
SeDoMoCha Elementary School has partnered with Charleston Wrap for our major fundraising campaign this year. There are over 500 high quality items to choose from and every purchase you make earns money for our school. Ordering is easy. Simply click on the Charleston Wrap logo or go to to shop. 
  • Students will receive a 6 digit code to receive credit for all online sales. If you wish to assign credit to a student, you will need to enter this 6 digit code when you place your order. 
  • If you don't want to assign credit to a particular student, simply enter our school's online ID 7085 in the "School Only Credit" section and the school will earn credit from your purchases. 
Thank you to the families and friends of SeDoMoCha Elementary for supporting this fundraiser. These funds allow for field trips and other special events for our students.

For full calendar, click here