2015-2016 State Test Results 
Science, ELA (Literacy), Math 

Below are the results of SeDoMoCha student’s scores from state testing. The science assessment is the same one that has been given for a few years now. Science assessments are given to students in grades 5, 8 and 11. The total science scores are inclusive of FA because the state required that we include their scores with our results. 

However, for ELA and math results SeDoMoCha is listed separately because we took different assessments. Grades 3-8 took a new assessment called eMPower ME and students in grade 11 went back to taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). During the 2014-2015 school year our students took the SBAC assessment and the year previous students in grades 3-8 took a test called the NECAP and juniors took the SAT. 

Hopefully, we will continue to take the eMPower ME test so that we can have some baseline scoring and see improvement as we move from one year to the next. The only difficulty with the testing from this year is that the state will not be releasing any of the questions so that school districts can see where students had the greatest area of difficulty. 

Students will be receiving score reports in their report card for the next ranking period. If you would like to see scores from past years you can go to
the Maine DOE data warehouse. If you click on snapshots and scroll to RSU 68 you will be able to see test results from past years. For more information about how Maine’s students performed on state assessments in 2015-16 in mathematics, English language arts/literacy, and science, you can also go to the Maine Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS) site.