Title IA Services

What are Title IA Services?

Title IA Services are educational services beyond the regular classroom instruction in the areas of math and reading. This program supplements the regular program and is available to those who qualify under Title I guidelines. Complete policies regarding Title I are on file in the office.

RSU 68 Title I Parent Input Survey
Please take a few moments to complete the Title I Parent Input Survey to help us plan future trainings. Click here to access the survey. Thank you for your response.

Title IA Staff

Rebecca Jones: rjones@sedomocha.org -webpage
Carolyn Clark: cclark@sedomocha.org - webpage
Laurie Sheppard: lsheppard@sedomocha.org - webpage

Susannah Atwater:  satwater@sedomocha.org - webpage
Angela Waterhouse: awaterhouse@sedomocha.org - webpage
Samantha Greenlaw:  sgreenlaw@sedomocha.org - webpage

Title Talk Newsletter
For more information about what's happening in the Title IA Program, check out Title Talk